Terrestrial 3D laser scanning

ELLIPS UDP is a dynamically developing company operating in the field of ground-based laser scanning. Our mission is to help specialists from various industries in solving problems related to complex measurements in three-dimensional space.

Our experts include professional surveyors with experience in using traditional geodetic equipment, computer technicians who have been trained in European training centers for manufacturers of scanning systems and have the appropriate certificates.

Our cumulative experience of practical application of laser scanning has been 2 years; during this time we have used scanners in geodesy and topography, architecture and restoration, mining, surveying and cultural heritage.

We scanned underground tunnels, roads and rail junctions and stations, bridges and facades, interiors, and cultural heritage sites.

Our experts have serious practical experience in using laser scanners manufactured by FARO, Leica, Trimble and Autodesk, FARO, Leica, Trimble software.

ELLIPS UDP company performs work using the technology of ground-based 3D laser scanning is designed to solve a wide range of tasks in a variety of conditions. The list of typical industries and types of work includes:

  • survey of industrial facilities;
  • surveying work;
  • construction of engineering structures;
  • architecture and design;
  • preservation and restoration of cultural heritage;
  • deformation monitoring;
  • quality control.


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