Land survey

Surveying is one way of fixing the boundaries of the site and fixing its coordinates in different systems, in other words, it is a geodetic method of measuring land in a rectangular coordinate system (that is, in the horizontal plane).

The survey includes a full range of services for coordinating the boundaries of the site – carrying out the borders into nature according to the available data (restoring land use boundaries), defining and fixing the boundaries of land acquisition. All legal registration and office processing of data with paper and electronic data at the output is also included in the list of land surveying activities in Uzbekistan.

For what operations with land plots is it necessary to carry out a land survey procedure?

  • buying and selling land
  • exchange of land for another property or any other material values
  • land donation
  • private property registration (privatization)
  • inheritance (a share or a whole piece of land)
  • when renting land for a long term (entering into a lease agreement with KUGI)
  • for construction and major reconstructions, a land survey is necessary (obtaining a town-planning plan from the committee for city planning and architecture of the Leningrad Region, after which a building permit is issued)
  • when registering an address for a residential house
  • for registration of land ownership (dwelling)

For all the above operations, it is advisable to start a survey case, which includes: agreeing on and clarifying the boundaries of your land, creating a planned high-altitude geodetic study (later when building a house you will not need to order this service again to surveyors); necessary information about the parameters of the land plot (area, length of boundary lines, exact coordinates obtained from landmarks with high accuracy), fixing the boundaries evannogo portion via depth markings on the 0.8 meter long when fastening (wooden stakes great length 1-1.5 meters, metal pins or fittings, dowels scored in concreting space).

The process of surveying land in Uzbekistan.

The basics of land survey steps:

  • topographic survey of land. On a topographical plan, there must be necessary references to landmarks. The scale of the plan must correspond to the size of this area and the necessary accuracy of geodetic measurements must be respected. The maximum deviation of a residential house or building on the plan should not exceed 20 cm. If the plot has large elevation differences, then it is necessary to indicate on the topographic plan more elevations (pickets), for a more comprehensible recognition of the relief of this land ownership.
  • preparation and creation of a land-survey plan, based on data from a topographic survey of the area. On the cadastral plan of which a new plot or plot is indicated, the boundaries of which are specified or changed in this survey work.
  • development and coordination of the act on the position of the borders of the site. It is necessary that the owners of all the bordering plots signed in the act of harmonizing the borders, confirming that they agree with the updated or new borders of the plot, the survey of which we perform.
  • then comes the formation of a package of all the necessary documents on a boundary case and its registration with the cadastral chamber. There the papers are checked for compliance with all necessary legal regulations. If there are any comments, then our company corrects them as soon as possible and re-submits the data to the cadastral chamber.


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