Observations on the deformations of buildings and structures

In the process of construction and operation of objects of increased responsibility, it becomes necessary to conduct observations of their deformations (precipitation, shifts, rolls).

Geodetic observations of deformations and displacements include measurements with the help of geodetic instruments of horizontal and vertical displacements, both of buildings and structures under construction, and those located in the zone of influence of construction with the aim of:

  • timely establishment of critical values ​​of deformations;
  • identify the causes of deformations;
  • development and adoption of measures to eliminate negative processes.

There are observations of vertical (precipitation) and horizontal (shifts, rolls) displacements.

Geodetic measurements of the precipitation of the foundations of buildings and structures are performed using precision digital levels, and shifts and rolls are performed using high-precision robotic electronic total stations.

To obtain a complete picture of the state of the surveyed object as a whole, geodesic monitoring of the cracks in its facades is performed simultaneously with observations of the subsidence of the base of the building.

As a result of observations of the deformations of buildings and structures, a technical report is made on the state and forecast of the development of the identified displacements, and recommendations are developed on how to carry out appropriate measures to prevent the negative consequences of critical violations.


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