1. Higher Geodesy:

Summary of lectures Higher Geodesy Gilevsky Yu.H.

Course of lectures of the Higher Geodesy Podshivalov

2. Geodesy:

Geodesy. General course Dyakova B.N.

Geodesy. Tutorial. Karabtsova Z.M.

Verification of geodetic instruments Spiridonov A.I.

3. Engineering geodesy:

Calculations of the coordinates of points in the theodolite course N.S. Fedotov

Geodetic layout works by E. B. Mikhalenko

Engineering Geodesy Study Guide Part I ES Bogomolov

Engineering Surveying Study Guide Part II by ES Bogomolov

Podshivalov VP, Nesterenok MS – Engineering Surveying – 2011

Satellite systems and electronic tachometers A.P. Voroshilov

Geodetic support for the design, construction and operation of buildings, structures (2002) Khametov T.I.

Engineering Geodesy – 2011 Podshivalov VP

Applied Geodesy. The main methods and principles of engineering and geodesic works (1981) Levchuk GP.

Modern geodesic methods for determining the deformations of engineering structures – N.Novgorod, Shekhovtsov GA

Guide to geodesy for builders (1981) Sirotkin M.P.

Handbook of general construction work. Geodetic works in construction – M., Stroyizdat – 1975 Ganshin V.N.

Engineering geodesy – M., IC Academy – 2004 Mikhelev D.Sh.

4. Minecraft Survey:

Geodesy and surveying in the transport construction – 1978 Afanasyev V.G., Egorov A.P.

Surveying works during the installation and operation of mine lifting equipment – M., Nedra – 1983 Dobkin I.I.

Workshop on the mathematical processing of surveying and geodetic measurements – 1989 Belyaev BI

5. Topography:

Instructions for surveying – 2003

Methodical guidelines for topographical survey Storozhenko A.F.

Guidelines for the preparation of underground plans

Topography_Kurosheev G.D.

Symbols of topographical plans 1_500-1_5000

6. Mapping:

Mapping projections – O.A. Lebedeva

Yuzhaninov V.S. Cartography with the basics of topography M High School 2001

Geoinformation systems A.S. Samardak 2005

Mapping with the basics of topography_M_Vyshaya shkola_2001 Yuzhaninov V.S.

Mapping Tutorial for High Schools M. Aspect Press 2002 Berlyant A.M

7. Photogrammetry:

Photogrammetry Terms and definitions Afanasenko L.V.

Workshop on photogrammetry – 1987 Burov M.I.

Photogrammetry of scanner images of the M Cartgeocentre Geodesyzdat 1996 Agapov S.V.

8. Space Geodesy:

Global Positioning Systems B.B. Serapinas

GPS General Reference Guide

Guidance Technical Material on the application of the GHS

Guidance Technical Material on the application of GHS- 1

Satellite systems and electronic tachometers A.P. Voroshilov

Global satellite systems Genike A.A..

Positioning technologies in GSM and UMTS_M_Eko-Trendz_2005 Gromakov Yu.A.

GPS, everything you wanted to know was afraid to ask Leontyev B.К.

Global Positioning Systems Serapinas B.B.

Satellite systems and electronic tachometers Voroshilov A.P.

9. Land Management and Cadastre:

State Land Cadastre Badenko V.L

Fundamentals of land management Tutorial St. Petersburg 2002 Sulin M.A .

Geodetic support for land surveying

City Cadastre