Engineering and geodetic work:

  • Creation (development) of reference geodetic networks, including geodetic networks of special purpose for construction;

  • Topographic survey in scales 1: 10000 ÷ 1: 200, including survey of underground and land structures;

  • Updating of topographic (engineering-topographical) and cadastral plans in scales 1: 10000 ÷ 1: 200 in graphic, digital, photographic and other forms.

  • Transfer to the nature and planned-height linking of project elements on the ground;

  • Engineering and hydrographic surveys;

  • Development of engineering and topographic plans for the route and its variants, survey plans, individual design sites;

  • The creation of longitudinal profiles of the route with options;

  • Development and drawing up of plans of approaches to final points of a line of a projected linear structure (substations, KNS, VNS, etc.);

  • Ground laser 3D scanning.