Hydro Engineering Consulting provides the following services:

I. The complex design of hydropower and hydro-technical facilities.

  • evelopment of design and working documentation for the construction of hydropower facilities (small, medium and high-powered HPPs) and hydro-technical structures for various purposes (dams, bank protection, ash dumps, tailings, water intake facilities, spillways;
  • Accompanying the examination of project documentation at all stages of projects;
  • Quality control of construction, compliance of work performed with working documentation;
  • Making technical and operational decisions on design issues during the construction phase.

II. Performance of a complex of design and survey works on power lines and substations with a voltage of 35 kW and above (up to 500 kW), including:

  • Special electrical calculations;
  • Design at all stages (from feasibility studies to working drawings);
  • Tender documentation preparation;
  • Construction architectural supervision;
  • Consulting and other services.